If you are one of the people amazed by the power of ChatGPT, you are not at the end of your surprises. The AI ​​currently runs on the GPT-3.5 language model developed by OpenAI. It will soon benefit from the arrival of GPT-4 which is announced for 2023.

ChatGPT will soon be even smarter

On Twitter, developer Simon Høiberg provided impressive numbers for the sequel. Thus, we already know that GPT-3 offers 175 billion parameters, which is already substantial. But GPT-4 should meanwhile embark 100,000 billion. Clearly, this represents a total of 570 times greater than the current language model.

This difference should notably allow ChatGPT to improve. We thus evoke a reinforced conversational quality, enough to allow him to look even more like a human, and to better meet our expectations.

And while it still won’t be able to read our minds, the AI ​​should understand our intentions much better than it currently does, while its level of translation will be higher.

OpenAI has its work cut out for it

While numerous criticisms have already been leveled at ChatGPT (cheating by students, use for the purposes of disinformation, or piracy, etc.), there is no doubt that a great challenge is starting for the OpenAI teams, who will have to do everything to implement put in place safeguards to avoid drifts. They have already largely arrived there, if we refer to past experiences. One thinks in particular of Microsoft’s AI Tay, which in just one day indulged in racist outbursts.

Another difficulty to manage for the developer of ChatGPT will be the cost and the economic model of this AI. GPT-4 will indeed require enormous computing power to operate. In this context, massive use of the tool would quickly cause operating costs to skyrocket.

OpenAI has already formalized the launch of a paid plan. It will allow, in exchange for a monthly amount that is not yet known, infinite access to the service. While free users will be largely limited in their use.

The company will also benefit from investments by Microsoft, which already intends to use ChatGPT on its Bing search engine, and on its office tools Word, Power Point, and Outlook.

As you will have understood, many questions remain unanswered about the future of this AI, which in any case marks a real technological breaking point. You can also read our analysis on this subject here.

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