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Casteljaloux. Winner of the Gustave trophy in Bordeaux, the “Poppy Beach” is the gadget of the summer

Elisabeth Tauzin is one of the two inventors of Poppy Beach. (©The Republican 47)

Marie-Sophie and Élisabeth Tauzin bet on a great innovation to go to the beach: the Poppy Beach. A beach umbrella attachment. This summer, it will save you from sunburn.

Have you ever experienced this problem? That moment when you desperately try to bury your umbrella in the sand at the beach.

Moments before it fell due to the wind. The idea of ​​Marie-Sophie and Élisabeth Tauzin is in any case part of this need.

“We wanted to offer a useful object on the page, which allows you to fix your parasol in a rather playful way” explains the last city. It was a little over three years ago that the sisters decided to embark on the adventure.

“We were unemployed. To see where we are after all this journey is an immense source of pride,” they confirm.

And for good reason, a few days ago, the Tauzin sisters won the prestigious Gustave trophy for innovation in Bordeaux. Unanimously, please.

We were very surprised. Because there were other really very interesting innovations. We think that what pleased was the family project, the fact that the object is Made In Sud-Ouest, but also that it is a new idea, which we do not necessarily expect at first sight.

Marie-Sophie Tauzin

In short, it earned them the congratulations of the jury.

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Available in large area

Now, Poppy Beach is tackling summer. Sold at a price of €11.50 on the website, it is also available in supermarkets.

“We are available in the far south for the moment” explains Elisabeth, who hopes that this project will spread to the whole of France quickly.

In the meantime, the “baby” of the two sisters begins to be talked about. Moreover, they have already had some positive feedback. This gadget, 100% made in the South-West, could become the star of your days at the beach.

Poppy Beach Tutorial

The way to use the Poppy Beach is very simple. The cup pierced in its center makes it possible to integrate the parasol there then to screw it inside.

And this, after having obviously dug in the sand, always thanks to this cup. Then, once the parasol has been placed, all you have to do is completely cover the Poppy Beach with sand so that it is stabilized.

The object is playful
The object is playful (©The Republican 47)

The product is available on

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