We don’t teach you, phone screens are breeding grounds for bacteria. But are these dangerous to health?

Since the health crisis has wreaked havoc around the world, the French are more and more concerned about their hygiene, and bacteria! But are they aware enough of the danger of germs on smartphones?

Smartphone: watch out for bacteria

You are used to protecting yourself from bacteria by washing your hands with a gel. Or by wearing a mask in transport. Yet you are not vigilant enough about the germs that are on your phone. You should ! Because there are so many!

Whether at the level of the microphones, on the screen, the hull, or even on the headphones, there are many. Remember that many people board also their smartphone in the toilet.

So we let you imagine all the microbes in it ! At the microphone of Europe 1, Chryslène Au, head of the Microbiology Lab wanted to alert the French to these microbes placed on smartphones. ” There is no doubt that the toilet is cleaner than the mobile phone. The difference is that cleaning the toilet bowl has become a custom. We hold it in our hand and sputter on it when we make a phone call. Your phone accompanies you to the toilet, to the dining table at work and to your home at the end of the day. »

She states that this can have an impact on health, because bacteria proliferate : “And that leads to a buildup of microorganisms that end up on your hands. » The scientist reports for example Staphylococci, Corynebacteria. But also Streptococci.

Smartphone: bacteria on screens are very dangerous for health?

Smartphone: bacteria on screens are very dangerous for health?

It’s not just bad bacteria!

To avoid putting your health at risk because of bacteria on the smartphone, you must wash your hands!

Also remember to clean all the things you use all day long, such as keys or glasses for example. Or also the door handles which are a breeding ground for bacteria!

For Chryslène Au, this is very important to avoid diseases: “ Men often have their wallet in their pocket, in contact with the heat of their body and this promotes the spread of microorganisms. »

However, be aware that there are good bacteria for health. This is revealed by Pr Le Monnier, head of the microbiology department in a Parisian hospital. ” You cannot live in a sterile environment. The main thing is to prevent transmission, especially those that we share, such as smartphones, touch screens and computer keyboards. When you touch the subway or bus bar, you don’t know who put their hands on it. It’s necessary to be vigilant. But believe me, it’s better not to know what infectious agents are nested there!

So to avoid getting sick, clean your smartphone. Also remember to wash your hands. ” Average man puts hands to face. And in the mouth fifty times an hour. »

Chryslène Au warns, we must not abuse it too much: “ Too frequent washing can destroy our natural weapons. Regular cleaning is more effective than disinfection. When you clean regularly, bacteria don’t have time to build up. They do not have rich materials. Nor comfortable to cling to. »

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