Want to be BFFs with an Aquarius? Look at the rest of the chart to find Mercury and Venus, too. “Friend groups are tight-knit when they’re orbiting an Aquarius,” says Aganza. The final air sign of the zodiac tends to weave together close groups of like-minded people. So, you won’t just be befriending an Aquarius, but all their friends as well.

Aquarius is a fixed sign and similar to the other fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio), it puts in the work over time, and is solid and reliable when it comes to friendship.

If Your Sun Is in Aquarius…

“Keep it cute, interesting and in motion,” says Oak. This means befriending someone with their sun in another air sign. “Sun in Libra or sun in Gemini is so natural, that you’ll probably notice that most of your immediate friends have these placements [or other Gemini and Libra placements].”

If Your Mercury Is in Aquarius…

“Who doesn’t love good discourse?” asks Oak. “If you’re ever so lucky to find a friend with Jupiter in Aquarius, you’re in for non-stop convos and the most clever and captivating meme exchanges of all your friends.”

If your planet of communication and thinking is in the sign of the water bearer, you’re probably quick on your feet, mentally speaking, that is. “Mercury in Aquarius tends to think quickly and is constantly inspired,” says Oak. “The sun in Aries would definitely stoke that intellectual flame.”

If Your Venus Is in Aquarius…

When Venus is in the 11th zodiac sign, the “best bet for a satisfying friendship is to share the same virtues socially and politically,” says Oak. Zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Pisces and Libra, “will often live according to the Aquarius’s social beliefs, which will lead the way to a good basis for friendship,” they say.

Added bonus if you’re looking deeper into the charts: “For a long lasting friendship that will stand the test of time, check to see if your friends have Saturn in an air sign,” says Oak.

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