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Apple would prepare three AR / VR products, including “Reality Pro” for 2023

Earlier this year, sources suggested Apple might introduce its first AR/VR headset early this year. But today, the chances of Apple unveiling this product during its september 7 keynote are very weak.

Anyway, the Apple headset, which should combine virtual reality and augmented reality, is still in the pipeline. Besides, Tim Cook has almost already teased this product, during an interview in June.

According to Gurman, three products are in the works

In his latest newsletter, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman discussed Apple’s future AR/VR products. And according to this one (via 9to5Mac), three products would be preparation. Currently, these would have the codenames N301, N602 and N421.

The first headset, the N301, would be the product that Apple will present in 2023. The second would be the successor to the N301, and it could be marketed at a slightly more reasonable price. As for the N421, it could be glasses that only provide augmented reality, but no virtual reality. The latter would not arrive for a very long time.

The trade names of Apple’s headphones may have already leaked

As usual, Apple does not discuss its future products before the official presentation. However, recent leaks may have revealed the names of Apple’s future AR/VR headsets.

A few days ago, a shell company believed to be related to Apple applied for trademarks including “Reality Pro” and “Reality One.”

For Gurman, the name “Reality Pro” could be that of the headset that Apple will present in 2023, given that it should be a high-end and expensive product, positioned as a competitor to the future Cambria headset from Meta (which the price will be more than 800 dollars).

As for “Reality One,” that name would suit a more affordable version that would be released later. The shell company has also applied for the trademark Reality Processor, which could be the name of the chip in Apple’s future AR/VR headsets. Rumor has it that these should have a chip comparable to Mac chips, and thus be able to operate without the aid of a computer or an iPhone, for computing power.

Another registered trademark is mentioned: Optica. This could refer to interchangeable lenses. Or, it could be a name for Apple’s future augmented reality glasses.

In any case, the launch of AR / VR headsets from Apple will be a new step for the firm, which has not announced a new category of products since the presentation of the first model of the Apple Watch. Additionally, augmented reality devices have the potential to replace smartphones within a few years. And because of this, Apple really has an interest in making a success of this launch.

For its part, Meta continues to place its pawns, and to present futuristic technologies for its AR / VR headsets.

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