News JVTech According to Bill Gates, the “revolution” will not come from cryptos and the metaverse, but from this technology

As we know, the founder of Microsoft never took blockchain technologies (crypto, metaverse and NFT) to his heart. Asked recently about the future revolutionary technologies of the Internet, Bill Gates took the opportunity to put the cover on the web3 while indicating what was the next technological revolution according to him.

On the occasion of his annual interview “Ask me anything” (ask me anything) for the social network Reddit, the American billionaire Bill Gates confirmed his position vis-à-vis the web 3. When the man was asked about the next digital revolution, he once again indicated his strong opinion on the issues of blockchain and the metaverse – while promoting artificial intelligence, which he considers to be the real revolution the next few years:

“AI is the big (revolution). I don’t think Web 3 was that big or Metaverse was, on its own, revolutionary, but the AI ​​is pretty revolutionary. explains the Bill Gates.

This position has an air of deja vu, since Bill Gates has never hidden his skepticism towards the crypto ecosystem and its users. In 2021, in addition to his mistrust of the ecological impact of cryptocurrency, the billionaire indicated that Bitcoin was above all based on the “biggest fool theory”.

Through this image, Bill Gates considers that Bitcoin is largely overvalued and that the capital gains of Bitcoin investors are generated thanks to, or because of, the “fools” that they buy it more expensive. In short, he implies that bitcoin would be a Ponzi scheme whose value would be based more on “FOMO” (fear of missing out) than on technological innovation.

Also, at TechCrunch 2022, he expressed a similar view on NFTs stating that images of virtual apes (Bored Ape Yacht Club) were not going to “improve the state of our world”.

However, the Microsoft founder seems to have a more mixed opinion about the metaverse, in which he has already experimented with virtual meetings in 3D.

Bill Gates chooses artificial intelligence

Excited about the technological advances that AI has been making lately, especially with the arrival of generative AI such as ChatGPT, Bill Gates sees the technology accomplishing great things in the near future:

“I’m quite impressed with the improvement rate of these AIs. I think they will have a huge impact. says Bill Gates.

Although Bill Gates now owns only 1.3% of Microsoft, this idea of ​​a technological “revolution” through AI can be found in his former company. Indeed, the multinational is very invested in the Open AI project and its Chat GPT-3. Specifically, Microsoft plans to invest $ 10 billion in the company soon, which will allow them to hold 49% of the shares of the AI ​​software.

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