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a pocket projector, real innovation or simple gadget?

Small format projectors are nothing new. Builders have been doing this for years now, with more or less convincing results. A few years ago, Samsung even offered a smartphone with a built-in projector. But this product was more like a gadget than anything else.

Since then, technologies have evolved a lot. Manufacturers have become masters in the art of miniaturization and are now able to offer very convincing devices.

With the GoPix 1, Philips promises a projector that slips easily into your pocket to carry it anywhere. All for 300 euros. On paper, this all sounds very interesting. What about the facts? We tested the GoPix 1 for several days. So real innovation or simple gadget?

Philips GoPix 1 price and availability

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The GoPix 1 is available at a price of 299 euros. It is therefore a little more expensive than the Picopix Micro sold for 265 euros. The Picopix Max is larger and more expensive: it is sold at a price of 699 euros.

Philips GoPix 1 at the best price
Base price: €299

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Philips Picopix Max at the best price
Base price: €699

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As compact as your smartphone

The great originality of the GoPix 1 lies in son format ultra-compact. Philips advertises it as a pocket projector, it is indeed the case. We were able to slip the device into our front jeans pocket yet worn close to the body.

With its very contained dimensions (7.8 x 12 x 1.8 cm), the GoPix 1 is barely more bulky than a smartphone. Thicker, it is also lighter than most of our mobile companions, which makes it easy to transport.

test philips gopix 1 dimensions

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Philips has taken care of the design of its device. All clad in aluminium, it comes with a small tripod that you screw on each time you use it to better orient the projector. The set is so compact that you can even store the GoPix 1 and its stand in a coat or jacket pocket, or in a small handbag.

The GoPix 1, how does it work?

test philips gopix 1 design

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Since it is mobile, this projector relies on a battery. Count 1 hour of use with maximum light output, 1h30 if you switch to standard mode and up to 2h in eco mode (not recommended). The projector charges via USB-C and can be used while it regains its strength. You can also connect an external battery to prolong the pleasure.

The operation of the GoPix 1 is very simple. No wireless connections (bluetooth or Wifi), it only works if you connect a third-party device to it. Since it is equipped with a USB-C (for the video stream) and an HDMI, we can connect almost all our devices to it, from the PC to the tablet via the smartphone and even a console.

test philips gopix 1 connectors

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An on/off button is placed at the back. We launch the machine and then connect our device via USB-C or HDMI. What is displayed on the screen is therefore projected onto a wall by the GoPix 1. It can be positioned at a distance between 27 cm and 2 meters. A small wheel located next to the optics allows you to adjust the focus. If the latter is manual, the trapeze adapts automatically.

test philips gopix 1 remote control

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Ensuite, iJust grab the supplied remote (be careful, point towards the projector and not the image) to customize its settings (brightness, direction of projection, source, etc.). This remote control very “inspired” by that of the Apple TV 4K also allows you to adjust the sound.

Why we love this product

test philips gopix 1 conception

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For its format, of course. When it comes to miniaturization, Philips has done a great job. And if other brands offer machines of the genre, this one is distinguished by its light weight, its quality of design and its ability to be forgotten in a pocket thanks to its format close to the smartphone.

The richness of the connections is also a strong point, as is the tripod and the remote control provided.

We can easily imagine this product making life easier for salespeople, teachers, trainers or any other profession requiring presentations to an audience. The only condition: to be able to dive into the dark, the maximum brightness being too low for diffusion in a bright environment. Like other projectors, theThe GoPix 1 is also irrelevant in dimly lit settings. It’s complete black or nothing.

Why do we like it less

test philips gopix 1 setup

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Unfortunately, and despite our hopes, Philips is unable to correct the main flaws of this type of device. Like most portable projectors, the GoPix 1 suffers from two weaknesses that greatly limit the multimedia experience.

First the sound. This last one is very average and does not really allow you to watch a movie or a series in comfortable conditions. It’s acceptable, no more. We would also have liked to be able to connect wired or bluetooth headphones for our night sessions.

The GoPix 1 is indeed capable of broadcasting content to the ceiling. So you can watch your favorite series and movies lying in bed. But the impossibility of connecting an audio accessory makes it necessary to increase the volume to obtain correct sound. If we don’t sleep alone… we don’t draw you a picture.

review philips gopix 1 display

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Another defect common to all compact projectors: the definition of the image is limited to 480p. As saying that le dernier Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ in 4K HDR will not be of much interest with this device.

In reality, it’s too much to ask of the GoPix 1. This type of device is especially designed for occasionally watching a video on Youtube, or a series where the scenario is more important than the image quality. And that’s not bad.

Philips GoPix 1 at the best price
Base price: €299

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Philips Picopix Max at the best price
Base price: €699

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Should we fall for the GoPix 1?

Philips’ promise is simple: to be able to use a projector anywhere by carrying it in your pocket. In fact, the contract is perfectly fulfilled. The GoPix 1 is compact and light, its design is impeccable and its autonomy is comfortable enough for use on the move. Its rich connectivity also allows it to be charged while broadcasting a stream. A welcome little extra.

Nevertheless, we will especially recommend this pocket projector to users wishing to use it to broadcast their work. Students, salespeople, trainers, professors, in short all those brought to animate presentations in public.

Multimedia is only a little extra that we will use occasionally. To watch a video on Youtube or content on a streaming platform, provided that you are not too fussy about the image/sound quality and that you are in complete darkness.

Philips GoPix 1


Design and finishes


Design and ergonomics


Value for money


WE love

  • It really fits in your pocket
  • Careful design
  • Rich connectivity
  • Remote control and tripod provided
  • Ideal for presentations

We love less

  • Image quality limited to 480p
  • Average sound quality
  • No wireless connectivity
  • No jack port
  • High price

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