The world of travel is changing: many electronic devices and gadgets are appearing and becoming almost indispensable for travelers. A travel specialist reveals her favorite gadget that helps her save money.

Today’s air travel inevitably rhymes with luggage. One can hardly imagine traveling domestically or abroad without suitcases and backpacks. On the other hand, airline baggage policies are becoming more and more demanding.

Airlines, especially low-cost ones, impose fines on travelers who exceed the authorized weights in their planes. With these new rules, a cheap trip can quickly become very expensive, just by exceeding the maximum weight allowed in the hold or in the cabin.

Digital luggage scale / By magneticmcc / Adobe Stock

To avoid this costly travel hassle, travelers should plan ahead. There is a digital gadget designed specifically to weigh airline baggage, precisely to avoid derogating from the strict rules of air carriers.

“The digital luggage scale is my favorite travel gadget”

This is the portable digital luggage scale. Lisa Minot, a travel journalist working for the tabloid The Sun returns to the great usefulness of this means. ” A digital luggage scale is my favorite travel gadget and I’ve used it hundreds of times in my 23 years of travel journalism. “, she says.

This device is particularly useful when the traveler wants to avoid unpleasant surprises when checking in his luggage. Its use is as simple as its appearance. ” It’s a simple little device that you hang on the handle of your suitcase and just lift it up to weigh your luggage. », Explains the speaker again.

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After a second or two, the small digital display instantly reveals the weight of the case, giving you the reassurance of knowing you’re not going over your limit. In addition, the luggage scale is small enough to be slipped into the suitcase.

This can be very useful when the traveler wants to add items to their luggage at the airport or on the return trip. And instead of looking for a scale to weigh your luggage or waiting for the verdict of the agent at the counter, you just need to equip yourself with this means to ensure, at the right time, the weight of your luggage.

This product is available on Amazon at a price of €13.36.

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