What can you give a gamer for his birthday? Well, the latest console is always a good idea, but it costs an arm and a leg. A gaming tablet is also a good idea, but it’s such a cliché; chances are someone has already bought it for them.

But you know what you can never miss? A special DIY birthday present. And to give you some ideas, we’ve compiled eight awesome DIY devices to gift to your video game fanatic friend.

1. Mini game wheel with accelerator and brake pedals

Playing with a gaming wheel is a totally different experience. Force feedback, brakes, and steering action add to the immersion of a casual gaming session unlike using an old gaming pad. It’s something you have to try yourself. -even.

That’s why a mini gaming steering wheel with brake pedals is a great gift idea for the gaming buddy in your life. These gadgets cost a ton on the market, so crafting one for them will definitely be appreciated. Check out this Hackster.io guide for the items you’ll need to craft one.

2. Arduino-based portable gaming device

Gamers love to play with any gaming device they can get their hands on, which is why this Arduino-based gaming device is a great addition to your unique gifts for the gamer in your life.

It is equipped with several letter and pattern themed games that are incredibly stimulating for the mind. Therefore, it is also an ideal gift for children as it will keep them busy for a long time.

Here’s an Instructables guide with more details on the build. Check out this similar, but easier to follow guide on how to build a simple handheld video game using an Arduino.

3. Arduino Game Gun pour PC

Fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Injustice keep you hooked. Add in modern features such as 3D graphics, additional modes and the most realistic battle scene options, and the experience can be quite exhilarating.

But you know what will make a fighting game even more immersive? A real gaming gun. Check out this Instructables project to learn how to build one based on Arduino. It will be a great gift for the video game lover in your life.

4. The world’s smallest Raspberry Pi-based gaming device

We all have that kid who never leaves your phone alone because he wants to play games on it. They’re adorable, have puppy eyes and a strong head, so it’s usually impossible to say no to their requests, but once you do, getting your phone back is always another challenge.

Unfortunately, they are usually too young to pick up their phone. On the bright side, you can always build one for them, and this TinyPi is a good start. Based on the Raspberry Pi, the TinyPi is so small you can easily carry it anywhere. But don’t let its small size fool you, it offers fun games.

See this Instructables guide for supplies and instructions. Here are some other Raspberry Pi Christmas projects you can check out.

5. IKEA Lack Game Table

We are currently in the innovative era of gaming, where interactive gaming options abound. From immersive games like GTA, which let you own an entire fleet of cars and even build a far-out reality, to fighting games like Mortal Kombat, there really are options for everyone.

But despite everything, classic games like Tetris and Snake will always have a place in our hearts, and if you want, they can also have a place in your living room. But how, you ask? Well, by building this IKEA Lack table as a gift for the gaming fanatic in your life, of course!

It features a game of Tetris, snake and pong. Here is a Hackaday.io guide with more details. Also check out these other amazing DIY gifts your family and friends will love.

6. Inexpensive Arduino Game Boy DIY

Flappy Bird is a classic and a favorite for most of us who grew up in the early days of smartphones, when they couldn’t smoothly handle console-quality games. But even then, Flappy Bird kept you hooked for hours. The game was so addictive that its creator removed it from the App Store and Play Store to prevent overuse.

So, if you know a gamer who struggles with boredom on the go, a Flappy Bird-based gaming device will definitely be a game-changer for them (literally). Find out how to build an Arduino-based Flappy Bird gaming device just in time for their birthday by following this Instructables tutorial.

7. Console de pong Arduino portable

Pong, a table tennis-themed game, was one of the very first video games to be released. As a result, it took the world by storm and is still revered by video game enthusiasts everywhere. Surprisingly, it was not intended to be a game. It was originally created as a training exercise, but the trainee ended up creating a game in advance, and his coaches decided to make a commercial product.

It was the first commercially successful video game, setting the tone for other classic arcade games like Tetris. Today, there are endless variations of this game, some of which are even colored. Still, the original 2D pong game will always stay on top, and the good news is that you can build one.

So check out this Instructables project to learn how to build a portable pong console to gift to a player you love. If the person you want to give a gift to is a fan of classic games, this guide to the best ESP32 game projects offers other options.

8. Simple game wheel

Do you like the idea of ​​a gaming steering wheel as a birthday or Christmas gift, but don’t have the tools or the experts to build the detailed steering wheel we originally offered? This Instructables guide has one that you can definitely make, whether you’re a DIYer or not.

It is based on copper wires, pieces of cardboard and glue sticks. Start by twisting the copper wires and following the steps shown in the YouTube video above. The result is a gaming wheel so simple you wouldn’t believe it’s functional, but it works well and is meant for smartphones.

Make unique gifts with your DIY skills

Put your DIY skills to good use and give exceptional gifts to the gamer in your life. All you need is a little free time, and you can make any of these gifts from scratch.

We’ve provided you with all the right ideas, all you have to worry about is execution. Be sure to build one, and feel free to modify it to suit your needs.

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