• Apple has yet to announce its virtual reality and augmented reality headset, but rumors suggest the product could be introduced in June
  • A priori, it should be a helmet similar to the Meta Quest Pro
  • But among Apple employees, some would not be coninacus by the project

Although it hasn’t announced any products yet, we know that Apple is interested in augmented reality and virtual reality. And according to rumors, the firm could finally lift the veil on its first AR / VR headset in June, during the WWDC conference. However, according to a recent article in the New York Times, the project would not be unanimous within Apple.

More exactly, the American newspaper indicates that it spoke with 8 former and current employees of Apple. And these would indicate that some employees of the firm would be skeptical of the future AR and VR headset. For what ? Employees would be concerned about the price of this helmet, which is likely to be very high.

But besides that, some would be worried because the success of this Apple AR/VR headset is not guaranteed. Apple employees would also have withdrawn from this project. But as usual, this information should be considered with caution, since it does not come from an official source. In any case, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, does not hide his enthusiasm compared to augmented reality.

Apple bets on the future

Apple’s headset is rumored to be quite similar to Meta’s Quest Pro. These suggest that this helmet should be equipped with a very powerful processor, and combine augmented reality and virtual reality. The problem is that for the moment, this category of products is still struggling to seduce the crowds.

Nevertheless, investing in augmented reality now is a bet on the future. Indeed, predictions suggest that within a few years, augmented reality glasses (a more compact format than “helmets”) could replace our smartphones. This, for example, is why Meta invests billions of dollars each year in immersive experiences.

As far as Apple is concerned, it is rumored that it will replace the iPhone with augmented reality glasses within ten years. As for Samsung, it has also announced its intention to market augmented reality glasses. A product that he intends to develop with the companies Qualcomm and Google.

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