Hello and happy hump day. We’ve got a few bits of tech news for you to sink your teeth into.

1. A major fusion breakthrough

U.S. scientists have made a “major scientific breakthrough” in fusion research. Per AP, scientists announced that they have for the first time produced more energy in a fusion reaction than was used to ignite it — a major breakthrough in the decades-long quest to harness the process that powers the sun. According to a report from The Guardiana coalition of Aussie companies are looking to take advantage of this breakthrough, aiming to develop an ultra-high intensity laser facility in Australia, with petawatt (one quadrillion, or one million billion watts) lasers.

2. Western Sydney goes plant-based

A new facility to produce plant-based proteins opened yesterday in Penrith, about 50kms west of Sydney. The Harvest B facility, Australian Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic said, will boost Australia’s plant-based food industry, which he reckons has strong potential for future growth. The facility will establish a local supply chain and increase our domestic manufacturing capability and export potential.

3. Elon Musk is no longer richest man

In proof that your actions have consequences, Twitter, Tesla and Space X boss (as well as everyone’s favourite comedian guest to boo) is no longer the world’s richest man. The fall from the top spot comes after a sharp drop in the value of his shares in Tesla this year. According to ForbesMusk is now worth about $US178 billion (about $260 billion). Meanwhile, LVMH chief Bernard Arnault has a value of $US188 billion. (I had to Google who he was, not gonna lie).

4. SBF charged by U.S. authorities

Founder and former boss of crypto exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been charged by U.S. authorities with defrauding investors. The SEC’s complaint alleged that, “from the inception of FTX,” SBF had been moving customer funds from his crypto exchange FTX to Alameda Research, his crypto financing arm. He allegedly did so until the company finally crashed this past November. It’s been an utter rollercoaster since then.


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5. U.S. lawmakers introduce Bill to ban TikTok

As more and more states across the United States pile on to ban TikTok from state-owned devices, three senators (one Republican and two Democrats) from Illinois have taken the move to the next level by proposing a national ban of the platform. The Bill is titled “Averting the National Threat of Internet Surveillance, Oppressive Censorship and Influence, and Algorithmic Learning by the Chinese Communist Party Act” or, more succinctly, the ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act. If passed, the Act would then go to the President’s desk and if signed, would “block and prohibit all transactions in all property and interests in property of a social media company,” 30 days after passage.

BONUS ITEM: New Zealand has introduced a law to stop those aged 14 and under from ever being able to legally buy cigarettes.

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