Like our identity papers, other essentials must have a place in our luggage to facilitate the stay.

When traveling, it is necessary to be properly equipped to deal with all situations. Far from home, you have to plan ahead, especially with new technology, so as not to find yourself without a means of communication on the other side of the world, or simply to be comfortable during a long journey by plane.

In an article published on December 11, the Emirati site Gulf News lists electronic must-haves for travelers to take with you when you go on vacation. Here are the top 5 things to remember in your suitcase.

1- Wireless noise canceling headphones

To try it is to adopt it ! All globetrotters are unanimous: this device changes lives, especially during flights. With its autonomy of several hours, this headset is essential to allow you to isolate yourself from the ambient hubbub, and take refuge in your bubble of serenity, and facilitate your sleep.

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2- An external battery

This is one of the devices on which it is impossible to ignore: the external battery is a weighty ally as a tourist, because it allows you to recharge your phone from anywhere, at any time. When you travel, you sometimes have no access for several hours to power outlets to recharge your battery. In the middle of a hike, on the beach or even on a bus, it is important to always keep a good battery level to take photos, use your GPS or even use a translation application.

It should preferably be chosen with a large capacity, a short recharging time and at least 2 USB ports.

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3- A travel adapter

The experience that we acquire after several trips makes us remember never to forget this gadget: indeed, when we change continents we discover that the electrical outlets are not suitable for our telephone or computer chargers.

It is therefore essential to take an adapter with you, preferably universal and with several USB ports to be able to charge several devices at the same time. Thus, it will serve you in Europe, the United States, Asia, and even Australia, with its different output pins. Some alone cover 200 destinations.

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4- A luggage tracker Bluetooth

This type of tracker has been very popular lately, the best known being Apple’s Air Tag. This technological marvel takes the stress out of losing luggage because it allows you to track them remotely, via your phone.

Thanks to this process, many travelers have managed to locate a lost suitcase at the airport. The most effective manage to track a suitcase up to 120 meters away.

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5- A stabilizer for smartphones

Who has never wanted to take perfect shots on vacation? To take well-framed selfies or take photos of breathtaking landscapes that will be the memory of these beautiful moments, invest in a stabilizer for a real professional touch.

By blocking the dial, it allows you to have stable shots, even if you are walking, and the tripod offers comfort, not to mention a control to take the photos from a distance. Portable and foldable, it takes up little space and will delight the whole generation of content creators on TikTok or YouTube who like to publish their travel vlogs, whether amateur or professional.

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