Whether on long-haul flights, or on low-cost airline planes where space is very limited, it is difficult to travel comfortably. Heavy legs, back or neck pain. The first step of your vacation can sometimes ruin your health.

To avoid arriving at your destination with a completely stiff body, Internet users share their advice and tips for gaining comfort. Here are 3 gadgets quite improbable to provide more space or an ideal position when traveling by plane.

1- The hammock to relieve the feet and legs on the plane

Many airlines ask passengers to place only one piece of cabin baggage in the storage compartments above the seats. The other bags and accessories must be placed under our seat so as not to saturate these small spaces. But it’s not always easy to travel with all the gear under your feet.

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Hunched knees and feet on extra baggage put stress on the joints. Not to mention the inertia during the flight, because you can’t always move or stretch your legs.

To relieve the ankles, knees and find adequate space for the feet, an American traveler shared her simple trick. She brings with her a mini hammock for the feet that she attaches to her tablet. It was his companion who filmed his system. Surprised and hilarious, he recognizes that his friend is ingenious:


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In fact, foot hammocks have been around for a long time. They have been made to relieve workers who sit at their desks for a long time. Elevating the legs prevents poor blood circulation. But also not to keep your knees bent for hours and risk damaging your joints.

Under the video of the tiktokeuse, we see many returns from travelers from all over the world who say that thanks to the foot hammock they were able to travel for 8 to 14 hours with more comfort.

2- Airplane foot airbag: a parent’s dream

The hammock for feet in airplane has an even more comfortable variant. This is the inflatable foot cushion that even allows you to sit cross-legged on the plane. Ideal for children who can then stretch their legs or even improvise a small makeshift bed.

Impossible ? Just watch this video posted on TikTok and which has fascinated Internet users:

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This is a very useful tool for parents of young children, who enjoy a lot of peace of mind during the flight.

The inflatable cushion is on sale in most online sales sites. From Amazon to sites specializing in the sale of cushions and inflatable mattresses.

Practical, it can be carried flat in luggage and therefore does not take up space. It can inflate with a small manual pump. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten at the risk of having to blow for a good hour to inflate it once on the plane.

3- The smartphone holder to avoid neck problems in flight

The neck is often damaged during air travel. Cervicals are particularly abused due to a bad position that we adopt when we doze off or when we watch a movie or a series on our phones.

For the airplane nap, we already knew the cushions that adopt the neckband. But to avoid breaking your neck by constantly looking at your phone on your tablet, there is a support to put on the tablet in front of the passenger seat, at the right height for your eyes.

The smartphone thus takes an ideal position. In this way, you can keep your head straight and look horizontally. The back does not arch and you can keep your tablet available to put drinks or snacks on.

A surfer went further with the phone holder on the plane. She imagined her own phone holder, which she made from a paper bag, provided by the airline. These are the bags provided in case of nausea. Thanks to a folding system between the shell of the phone and the back cover of the smartphone, it has developed an infallible support. A completely free version of this support.

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