• Launched at the end of last year, the repair bonus is a success
  • Some actors are losers
  • Recovered amounts motivate users to repair

Since December 15, the repair bonus can be used in France. Consumers can now go to labeled repair points to benefit from this system. Two months later, the time has already come for a first assessment, and overall it is very positive.

53% of French people reluctant to repair

This is a figure given to us by the Ministry of Ecology. 53% of French people consider that repairing is sometimes more expensive than buying a new product. It is precisely to counter this obstacle to repair that the public authorities have initiated this project. Since the end of last year, all you have to do is go to shops with the “Quali Repair” label to benefit from it on electrical and electronic products.

40% increase in repair requests

According to information from Parisian, Compagnie du SAV, one of the most important players in the repair sector, has recorded an increase of almost 40% in requests since the launch of the bonus. The increase has been constant every week since last December, and the device works in 95% of cases, underlines Murfy, another specialized company which has recorded an increase of 10% for two months.

However, not everyone is a winner, especially the big brands. The subscription repair services Darty Max, and Infinity at Boulanger are therefore not integrated into the device. These companies are now trying to join this initiative, according to our colleagues.

A bonus between 15 and 45 euros

The repair bonus varies depending on the device used. The set will be deployed by 2025 and it only concerns tablets, mobile phones, televisions, and drills for the time being.

It is 15 euros for vacuum cleaners, drills and screwdrivers, bicycles and electric scooters. It’s 20 euros for digital cameras, game consoles, microwaves and tabletops. Count 25 euros for washing machines, refrigerators, tablets, mobile phones, dryers, and mobile air conditioners.

Owners of televisions can count on a 30 euro repair bonus. For their part, users of laptops and desktops benefit from 45 euros to have their devices repaired.

Note that in 2023, the bonus will gradually be extended to other everyday objects. This is the case for sports, DIY and garden items, but also textile clothing and shoes, and even furniture.

Have you already benefited from this repair bonus? Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience in the comments.

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